How to Take Instant Loan on Your Aadhar Card?

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Life is unpredictable, and so is our financial situation. One can land in a financial pickle anytime due to a shortage of funds. It does not mean we have to slash our daily needs. For example, many people landed in financial crisis during the recent COVID pandemic. However, one can improve their financial situation by taking an instant loan on an Aadhar card. Several online lenders offer loans in quick succession to applicants. The Aadhar card of the applicant plays a role in improving the authenticity. Read on to know how to acquire a quick loan using an Aadhar card.

What Does it Mean to Acquire a Quick Loan on an Aadhar Card?

Many people are confused that the amount of a personal loan is decided by the Aadhar card. The loan amount is determined by other factors like credit score, employment status, or loan history. With the Aadhar card of the applicant, a lender can ensure that it is a valid customer. Ideally, the Aadhar card of the applicant acts as proof of address and identity for the lender. With the Aadhar card, a lender can ensure that the applicant is a legal citizen of the country and not some fraudster.

Aadhar card is an essential document for acquiring an instant personal loan online in India. The loan application of an applicant can be rejected without an Aadhar card. Many lenders ask applicants for an Aadhar card during the KYC verification process. Every lender wants to know their customers before offering them a loan. Quick loans are to be offered in quick succession, and there is less time to check the customer’s creditworthiness. With the Aadhar card of the applicant, lenders can identify authenticity in no time. If you don’t have an Aadhar card yet, it is advised to apply for one as soon as possible.

How to Apply for a Quick Loan using your Aadhar Card?

Online lending platforms usually offer quick loans. A physical bank may cross-check several documents before offering a personal loan on an Aadhar card. It may take days to get a personal loan on your Aadhar card via a physical bank. Therefore, one may need to apply instant personal loan for any urgent financial obligation. A source that offers personal loans quickly with less paperwork is perfect during a financial emergency. Once you choose a digital lending platform, the steps to apply for a quick loan are as follows:

  • Find the online loan application and fill out all the asked details. Then, submit your quick loan application online and wait for the lender’s reply.
  • Some lenders ask for the applicant’s Aadhar card along with the quick loan application. On the other hand, some lenders ask for the Aadhar card of the applicant after the approval of the quick loan application.
  • Provide all the documents asked by the lender and complete the KYC verification process.
  • Choose the loan amount online, once the loan application is approved and KYC verification is completed. With an online lending platform, applicants can also choose the repayment structure of the quick loan.
  • Once all the steps are completed, the quick loan amount will hit the applicant’s bank account.

Documents Needed for a Quick Loan in India

Besides the Aadhar card of the applicant, many other documents required for personal loan. Therefore, one should present all the asked documents to the lender to boost the chances of loan approval. The documents besides the Aadhar card needed for a quick loan in 2022 are as follows:

  • One may need to present other proofs of address/identity for a quick loan. For example, some lenders ask for a PAN card before offering a quick loan.
  • Applicants can be asked to present their salary slips for the past few months for a quick loan. Lenders have to check the employment stability of the applicant before offering a quick loan. An applicant with a stable income can repay the quick loan amount before the deadline.
  • To check whether the applicant receives funds regularly, lenders can ask for a bank account statement.

You may have to meet some eligibility norms to acquire a quick loan in India. So apply for a quick loan online right away in 2022!

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