Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Indore

Education serves as a foundation for society, crucial in children’s developmental progress, prompting parents to pursue top-tier preschools for quality learning experiences. This has fueled a growing demand for preschool franchises in Indore, as entrepreneurs recognize the opportunity to shape bright futures for children.

To facilitate this endeavor, we’ve meticulously selected the five best preschool franchises, considering factors like setup ease, post-sales support, profitability, features, and curriculum. Our aim is to simplify the process for aspiring franchisees, providing them with a curated list to guide their decision-making. With our thorough research and assessment, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to embark on this journey confidently, ensuring the establishment of nurturing educational environments conducive to children’s holistic development..

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare offers an exciting franchise business opportunity for aspiring edupreneurs who wish to make a difference in children’s lives. Their proven business model combines innovative teaching methodologies with holistic child development practices – plus they offer a complete support system so franchisees can succeed in their venture.

Footprints’ pedagogy is grounded in the Highscope methodology, which employs an in-depth evaluation process to ascertain each student’s unique key strengths and abilities. Furthermore, this company stresses the importance of family engagement while offering comprehensive operations support such as fee collection, staff training, location scouting as well as using technology to increase parent involvement while offering variable royalty rates that start low and gradually increase over time.

Footprints Preschool is revolutionizing the preschool landscape for parents and children alike, operating at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools while still meeting quality and child safety requirements. Furthermore, they offer admissions guarantees, attractive annual returns and buyback guarantees; making them a fantastic option for aspiring edupreneurs looking to start a successful business venture.

Little Millenium Preschool

Little Millennium Preschool Franchise provides entrepreneurs with an exceptional opportunity to launch a successful preschool business while making a meaningful difference in children’s lives. Their comprehensive support system, training programs, and marketing assistance help create successful businesses. For more information about available franchise opportunities please visit their official website and complete an application.

As India’s growing population places greater emphasis on early childhood education, entrepreneurs with both passion for teaching and an aptitude for business have an excellent opportunity. By capitalizing on this trend, they can establish successful daycare or preschool franchises to provide young minds with care and learning necessary for growth and development.

Begin by conducting an analysis of local demographics to gauge their suitability for a daycare and preschool, before selecting an ideal location and obtaining all necessary zoning approvals. Finally, hire qualified staff and host an official grand opening event introducing your new Little Millennium franchise to the community.

Little Millennium, created and promoted by Educomp Solutions Ltd – India’s largest education company – was one of the first structured and process-driven preschool chains in India. Renowned for its well-organized curriculum and Seven Petal approach to learning, this chain boasts over 280 preschool centers nationwide and has served more than 15,000 children since it first launched.


Preschool franchises can be an excellent investment in India, where education is a major industry. Estimates place India’s education market at over US$3.8 billion by 2022 – representing one of the most lucrative industries and creating an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for ways to diversify their investments.

The preschool franchise business model is founded on the belief that children learn best through hands-on activities. Teachers must undergo professional training, while all equipment and supplies are supplied by the brand – helping franchisees maximize profits while simultaneously lowering operational costs and capital requirements. Furthermore, this brand offers low initial investments with high revenue shares.

Eurokids provides franchisees with guidance and support throughout the process of opening a play school franchise, such as providing them with a comprehensive business plan and marketing strategy, selecting an ideal location and staff recruitment assistance, financing solutions such as low franchise fees or loans and assistance with staff recruitment.

Appy Kids, another top preschool franchise, boasts a proven business model and proven success track record. To open one in your area, an investment of 12-15 lakhs and space arrangements of 1000-1800 square feet are necessary; franchise owners will then receive at least 95% of revenue shared among themselves and their company.

Hello Kids, Smart kids and Poly kids are some of the fastest-growing preschool chains in India. When choosing one of these franchises for your child’s education it is essential that it has an established presence among both parents and the government – one with good licensing agreements should also be an added plus!

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School is an award-winning preschool that provides holistic development of young children through engaging technology and exciting activities. Bachpan preschools now operate over 1100 locations nationwide!

The brand’s educational philosophy is built around its belief that early childhood experiences provide a solid foundation for academic success later. All teachers are highly qualified and experienced; its curriculum features theme- and activity-based learning for Playgroups, LKG, UKG and Nursery; it is also known for its high student-teacher ratio, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and advanced study materials.

Bachpan Baby Carnival strives to teach its students independence and responsibility while encouraging them to become confident individuals who are creative thinkers. Additionally, unique extra-curricular activities help develop social, cognitive, and physical skills within students – such as musical concerts, dance competitions, art exhibitions etc. Additionally, the brand hosts an annual competition called Bachpan Baby Carnival!

This company offers an affordable franchise opportunity that allows owners to establish their own preschool business with assistance from experienced teams. Their franchise model features training, marketing and operational support; as well as low franchise fees and reasonable return-on-investment terms.

Bachpan Playschool enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry and is often chosen by parents seeking quality preschools in their local areas. Additionally, this franchise offers great potential for entrepreneurs looking for secure investments. Additionally, they boast an established market presence and strong customer bases – which makes for an easy success story!


If you want to launch a preschool business, there are various factors you must take into account. One is location; your preschool should be situated in a premium area that offers residents easy access. Another key consideration is space – enough room should exist for safe learning environments for young children to thrive in. Furthermore, trained and dedicated staff must be hired as well as investing in initial franchise fees, working capital funds and equipment purchases.

Kidzee is an established brand with presence in more than 750 cities and 2000 preschools worldwide, boasting an award-winning curriculum and teaching methodologies to ensure maximum return on investment for its franchisees. Furthermore, Kidzee fosters future leaders by instilling passion for learning right from the beginning – through Pentemind curriculum designed to develop cognitive, social emotional and physical capabilities in children.

SmartKidz stands out from many preschool chains by providing its teachers with professional development opportunities and support, to ensure all are trained to meet the child development requirements in their locations and provide quality education that nurtures each child’s unique potential.

Cost to open a SmartKidz preschool is approximately Rs 5 lakh, including franchise fee and other expenses. In addition, at least Rs 2.5 lakh should be spent on infrastructure costs as well as providing at least 2000 square feet for the preschool itself. You will then receive a commission of 80% to 90% from any revenue generated from this preschool.

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