An Interview With Samsung CEO Jaewoo Jung

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At the 2022 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, a group of leaders in technology, marketing and product fields showcased transformational technologies that will improve consumers’ lives. Whether they were focused on improving security, privacy or the future of home robotics, these presentations gave us an eye-opening glimpse into how Samsung envisions making life more connected, safer and more convenient. Here, we will discuss every point of interview samsung fastcompany jaeyeon jung galaxy.

SmartThings Find

Misplacing a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet or earbud is never fun, but with SmartThings Find, you can get it back quickly.

The SmartThings Find feature is now available as an update to the Samsung SmartThings app for Galaxy smartphones running Android 8 or higher around the world. To use it, you need to sign in with your Samsung account, and then grant the app access to your device’s location.

After that, you’ll see the SmartThings Find section on your home screen of the app. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it from Google Play or through your local Samsung store. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to locate your devices in just a couple of taps!

In addition to finding lost smartphones, tablets, watches and earbuds, the SmartThings Find service can also locate tracking tags attached to objects. This can help you locate a missing key or a wallet that has a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ attached to it.

It works with Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technologies, allowing you to search for your tagged devices from the camera viewfinder or by overlaying a map on a live video stream. Once a user registers their lost item with SmartThings Find, it will start to transmit a signal to other nearby devices that have opted in for community searching.

Samsung’s SmartThings Find service has been growing fast, and now there are more than 200 million find nodes in the system. The company has a number of plans to expand the service, including adding more devices to the database.

For now, the main goal is to provide a simple way to track down a lost device, whether that’s your phone or a pair of headphones. It’s a similar idea to how you can find an iMessage message on a phone with the “Find My iMessage” feature in the iOS app.

Another feature to be introduced soon is a button on the Station that can control scenes and devices set up within the SmartThings app, letting you trigger routines with a single or double press. This is great for those who want to turn off power outlets and unused appliances when they’re out of the house, as well as activate security systems.


For the intrepid shopper, Samsung’s Shop-Igniter app offers the real-time tagging of nearby items and promotions with a slick interface that integrates the phone and the shop floor. The app continuously communicates with Galaxy SmartTags via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to provide consumers with a variety of useful and fun data points on their surroundings.

The system also incorporates a SmartTag Item Scanner application that enables consumers to scan products using a Bluetooth-enabled camera and provide retailers with item-level information including price, availability, and reviews. The Shop-Igniter app also makes it possible to take a picture of a product for sharing with friends and family.

In fact, it is possible to use a smartphone to browse for and find almost anything from clothing to food and household products. This is thanks to the Cosmic System and its intelligent Smart Tags which, when combined with the Shop-Igniter app, can track your purchase and recommend related products based on your past shopping habits.

According to Shop-Igniter CEO Matt Compton, the company’s social performance marketing platform enables innovative brands to deliver and measure highly effective social media advertising campaigns in social streams that drive brand and business outcomes across networks and devices. The company has been a Portland tech industry pioneer, being among the first to capitalize on the fervor around social networking technology and its resulting appetite for mobile.

The company was recently acquired by Seattle-based video advertising firm Mixpo in a deal that will create a firm specializing in advertising across multiple consumer devices. Mixpo will retain its Portland headquarters and most of its current staff, a number that Compton declined to disclose.

System Savvy Tag

System Savvy Tag is an application that can interact with your existing gadgets. It joins the universe of intelligent things and lets you make them work together to empower your house’s best highlights. For example, it can interface with your music class or espresso inclination to enable you to set up the perfect coffee in your morning routine.

VP and head of the SmartThings Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics Jaeyeon Jung speaks about how the latest SmartThings innovations are designed to help you track and find what matters most to you. In addition, she explains how the new savvy-SFD option provides a graphical Signal Flow Diagram with enhanced system-wide navigation and documenting.

Founded in 1998, System Savvy, Inc, is led by Carla Edwards, who brings over 30 years of experience as an executive, technology director and technology consultant to businesses and ministries from coast to coast. Her clients benefit from her extensive expertise in the areas of strategic planning and project management. Her commitment to quality and ongoing skills development, combined with a focus on results, has helped the company achieve high client retention rates.

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