Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit

Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit

The Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit enables quilters to focus on the artistic aspects of their creations without worrying about cutting and measuring fabric. It offers countless design possibilities and can save quilters a lot of time and effort.

It comes with a variety of carefully chosen fabric patterns that are complementary and match well. The fabric pieces are sized and labeled, making them easy to work with.

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This quilt kit is a convenient option for quilting enthusiasts, as it eliminates the tedious task of measuring and cutting fabric. Instead, it contains a variety of pre-cut fabric patterns that are carefully matched for a unified look. This allows quilters to focus on the artistic aspect of the process and saves them time and money.

The fabric in this quilt kit is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. From delicate florals to bold plaids, you can find the perfect material for your next quilt project. The fabric also comes with labels for organization, so you can start working on your quilt immediately after receiving it.

The convenience of this quilt kit makes it ideal for beginners and experts alike. Its versatile design possibilities allow quilters to experiment with various arrangements and designs, as well as to try out different techniques. In addition, the pre-cut fabrics are designed to make quilting easier, allowing users to work faster and take on more projects without having to spend extra time cutting fabric. These benefits help to create a fun and enjoyable experience for quilters of all skill levels.


The Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit offers countless design possibilities and streamlines the quilting process with its carefully chosen fabric patterns. This allows quilters of all skill levels to unleash their creativity and produce magnificent creations without having to worry about cutting and measuring. In addition to the time and money saved, the Chic Pre-Cuts Magic Quilt Kit can also help you save on fabric purchases by offering a wide selection of fabric patterns at a fair price.

The fabrics in the Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit include 5 x 5’’ charm packs, which contain 42 squares of expertly sized and matched fabric prints. They are the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate quilters who want to try out different color combinations and designs. They are also ideal for testing out new quilting techniques and experimenting with unique layouts.

Another popular pre-cut is the 10 x 10’’ layer cake, which includes 42 squares of fabric in each pack and comes with labels for organisation. Layer cakes are great for making fast and fun throw size quilts and can be used to make scrappy quilts.

These pre-cuts are ideal for beginners and experienced quilters alike, because they save time and money while allowing quilters to focus on the enjoyable part of their hobby. Quilters can use the pre-cuts to create beautiful patchwork blocks with a variety of styles and techniques, such as strip piecing and appliqué. They can even use the pieces to make a small table top or pillow.

Easy to make

Whether you’re a new quilter or a seasoned pro, the Chic Pre-Cuts Magic Quilt Kit provides endless design possibilities. This pre-cut fabric set eliminates the need for precise measuring and cutting, allowing you to get right into the fun of sewing! The convenience of these kits also makes them ideal for those with wrist issues or other health conditions that make using a rotary cutter difficult.

This Moda Fabrics collection combines florals and geometrics to create an elegant fabric choice for your next project. The fabric is machine washable and easy to sew. It has a soft feel, and the colors are vibrant without being too bright. The fabric is backed with a lightweight batting that will add a little structure to your quilt. The fabric is lightly sized with Magic Sizing, which adds body to the fabric without stiffening it. It’s also wrinkle free and doesn’t flake like starch.

The fabrics in this collection were designed by Aneela Hoey. She took inspiration from her childhood memories and incorporated them into this whimsical collection. The result is a collection that is sure to bring joy to the special little ones in your life. This is a great choice for a children’s quilt.

Another beautiful option from Moda is Bonheur, a collection of intricate floral designs that are sure to bring a sense of euphoria to your project. The collection features buttery yellows and cool grays with a cache of stripes and dots. The contrasting woven ombre prints in this fabric will give your project depth and texture.

Lastly, there is Seashore Drive, an adorable collection of florals and applique shapes by Sherri and Chelsi. This enchanting fabric is perfect for a summer quilt and will remind you of lazy afternoons on the beach. The soft colors and dreamy designs of this collection are perfect for any project.

Another advantage of pre-cut fabric is that it saves you time and money. You can also find different patterns and coordinating solids to create your quilt. These pre-cuts can be purchased from local quilting stores or online. They are available in a variety of widths and lengths, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.


A quilt kit is an affordable way to get a wide variety of fabrics and make one gorgeous project. It also saves you time and money, since all of the cutting is already done for you. Pre-cut bundles are a favorite of quilters, but they are also great for anyone who loves to sew.

There are many different types of pre-cut bundles on the market, and each has its own name: Fat Quarters, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, and Layer Cakes. Regardless of the name, all pre-cut bundles are an excellent way to save time and money while making a beautiful quilt.

These pre-cut bundles can also be a great option for those who have wrist issues or other health problems that prevent them from using a rotary cutter. The bundles come with all the pieces cut for you, which eliminates the need to trim and square off the blocks. They also come in curated colorways, which makes it easier to find the perfect fabric combinations for your project.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, there’s a kit for every level of expertise. From a beginner’s slapdash patchwork quilt to an expert’s modern geometric masterpiece, there is sure to be a quilt pattern in a kit for you.

Laundry Basket Quilts’ “Practical Magic” fabric collection features sultry florals, petite blooms, full bouquets, creamy plaids, berries, foliage and more. It’s a wonderful mix that will inspire you to take your sewing to new levels of beauty. The fabric kit includes the coordinating Century Solids by Andover, all of which are pre-cut to simplify your sewing experience.

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