Uma Thurman and Luna Thurman-Busson

luna thurman-busson

Luna Thurman-Busson is the daughter of Uma Thurman and French financier Arpad Busson. Her mother is a renowned American actress and her father is a multi-millionaire and financier in the US.

Her eldest daughter, Maya Hawke, is an established actress and her son, Levon, is a burgeoning musician. She also has two half-siblings from her previous relationships.

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She is the daughter of American actress Uma Thurman and French financier Arpad Busson

The daughter of American actress Uma Thurman and French financier Arpad Busson, Luna Thurman-Busson was born on July 15, 2012. She has two older half-brothers from her mother’s marriage to actor Ethan Hawke. She is a model and an actress, and she appeared in the television shows The Slap (2015) and Chambers (2019).

She has also worked on several films including Dangerous Liaisons (1988), Beauty Girls (1996, and Pulp Fiction (1994). She is the niece of director Quentin Tarantino. She is currently preparing to film a new movie with her mother.

The actress, who has won multiple awards for her work on stage and in film, is known for her beauty and talent. She recently starred in the Broadway production of The Parisian Woman. In addition, she is an active philanthropist and is dedicated to her family.

Her father, Arpad Busson, is a multi-millionaire who has a fortune in real estate and private equity investments. He has also been a partner in the film industry. His credits include The Man with the Golden Gun, The Taking of Pelham 1212, and The French Connection. He has also invested in music.

Thurman and Busson have been in a bitter custody battle for their daughter. Their bitterness has extended to the courtroom. They have accused each other of drug use and mental illness. Busson’s lawyers have suggested that Uma is an unstable woman who combines prescription drugs with alcohol to control her emotions.

During the eight-day trial, both parents testified about their relationship with their child. They both want their daughter to be happy and healthy. However, the judge ruled that neither parent should have sole custody of their daughter.

Weiss advised the parents to consider the possibility of longer visits with their daughter in the future. She also advised them not to rush into a permanent arrangement because of their conflicting schedules. Busson’s lawyer, Peter Bronstein, argued that it is inappropriate to suggest that their client should spend only two-week stints with his daughter.

Despite their bitter divorce proceedings, Thurman and Busson are still close friends. In August, they were spotted together at the Hamptons favorite of hotelier Andre Balazs. They have been together for a short time, but they are apparently serious about each other.

She is a philanthropist

Luna Thurman-Busson is a philanthropist who works for a variety of causes. She is a supporter of children’s education and has donated millions to the cause through her foundation. She is also involved in supporting cancer research and women’s health issues. She has also contributed to the renovation of a school in Peru and has a strong commitment to helping people in need.

Busson, who is a multimillionaire and former investment banker, has a long track record of charitable work. His organization has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals in need, ranging from children to the elderly. His charity also has a number of celebrity supporters, including actor Ethan Hawke and model Elle Macpherson. In addition to his philanthropy, he has several business interests, and owns the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise.

Thurman, who is a three-time Oscar nominee, is currently starring in a Broadway play called The Parisian Woman. Her performance has been praised by critics and received strong box-office returns.

She has two older children, Maya Ray, 24, and Levon Roan, 21, from her marriage to actor Ethan Hawke. She and Busson began dating in 2007, and were engaged for a year before their relationship ended in 2014. They are now separated.

The couple’s relationship has been turbulent. During their custody battle, Busson accused her of mixing prescription drugs and alcohol to cope with stress. He also claimed that she was a “bad mother.” Despite these claims, the judge dismissed the lawsuit in March, saying it was based on hearsay evidence.

In her latest venture, Thurman has partnered with a company that provides free eyeglasses for those in need. Her foundation has also raised funds for a school in Peru and donated to a women’s health project in Mexico. She hopes to expand her philanthropic efforts in the future.

The actress has also been an active voice on social media, promoting various causes and advocating for her daughter. She has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Moreover, she has been active on Twitter and Facebook as well. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and cooking. She also loves spending time with her family and friends.

She is a fashion icon

Uma Thurman, 45, is a fashion icon and actress who has been a red carpet regular since she began her career in acting. She has appeared in numerous films, and is a fashion model who has collaborated with brands like All Saints and Calvin Klein. She is also a singer and has released two albums to date. She has also worked in TV and theatre.

The Kill Bill star is a mother of three, and she recently took her daughter Luna to the premiere of ‘Asteroid City’ in New York. The film stars Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, and Tilda Swinton, among others. Uma and her family posed together for photos at the event.

This was the first time that the pair had posed together in public, as the star is known to keep her private life out of the spotlight. The pair wore matching outfits for the occasion. Uma opted for a gray blazer with a black turtleneck underneath, paired with a skirt and minimal jewelry. Her daughter, who is 10, wore an olive green cape over a matching dress and paired it with black boots and a black clutch.

Thurman and her ex-fiance Arpad Busson are currently separated, but she was awarded custody of Luna in 2014. She has a son and daughter with actor ex-husband Ethan Hawke, 24-year-old Maya Ray and 20-year-old Levon Roan. Both of her children are pursuing careers in acting and have appeared in films such as Stranger Things and Do Revenge.

During the eight-day trial, Thurman accused Busson of neglecting her and even suggesting that he was addicted to prostitutes. He denied the allegations and claimed that he had offered to give up his claim to Luna in exchange for more child support, but that she refused.

The couple finally reached a deal at the end of the trial, and Justice Cooper said he was hopeful that they would be able to resolve their differences for the sake of Luna. He added that they were 98 percent resolved, and the judge wished them well in their future endeavors.

She is a model

Uma Thurman and her daughter, Luna Thurman-Busson, recently stepped out together to attend the Broadway showing of Some Like It Hot. While the Pulp Fiction actress looked stunning in a black turtleneck and matching skirt, her little one was also on point in her olive green poncho and Celine purse. It’s not often we see the mother-daughter pair out and about, so when they do we definitely take notice.

The couple was separated in 2012 and divorced in 2014. Uma has two older children from her marriage to actor Ethan Hawke, Maya and Levon, while Busson has a son from his relationship with Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, Flynn and Cy Busson. In addition to acting, Thurman is a fashion icon and has made several appearances on the front row of runway shows.

During her custody battle with Arpad Busson, Uma Thurman was accused of being mentally ill by court-appointed psychologist Dr Sara Weiss. During cross-examination, Weiss said that Thurman was taking three drugs — triazolam, Wellbutrin and klonopin — to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia. She was also using a sedative to deal with ADHD. When Weiss asked if the drugs would affect her ability to drive, Busson’s lawyer Peter Bronstein objected, and the question was dropped.

Busson, who is worth an estimated $160 million, has a successful career as the chairman of Gottex Fund Management and sits on the board of around 15 companies from the UK to Hong Kong. He is also a noted art collector and has donated many of his pieces to museums around the world.

While Luna, whose full name is Rosalind Arusha Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, is not an actress yet, she has been seen on the red carpet at several events and on the runway at Prada’s New York and Paris fashion shows. She is sure to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a leading model in the future.

We’re hoping to see a lot more of Luna Thurman-Busson in the years to come. She is already following her mom’s fashion sense and looks great in everything she wears! We can’t wait to see her in more roles and continue to inspire women around the world.

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