What Are The Components Of PSM Certification Cost In India?

PSM certification cost in India

The PSM certification confirms a practitioner’s competency in utilizing Scrum principles and methods to manage various projects and procedures. It is one of the most prevalent and renowned certifications for Scrum, called Professional Scrum Master or PSM. The accreditation is granted by Scrum.org, a universal organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating the adoption of the Scrum framework. In this article, we will explore the components of PSM certification cost in India and how to get certified as a Professional Scrum Master.

PSM certification cost components

In India, the expense of obtaining PSM certification incorporates two primary elements – the fee for training and the cost associated with taking an exam. The candidate must pay a sum to attend a PSM training course by an expert Professional Scrum Trainer, which constitutes their training cost. Additionally, they must bear the examination fee for completing the online PSM assessment handled by Scrum.org.

The price of PSM training may vary depending on different factors, such as the location, duration, and mode of delivery. The average cost for a 2-day live online course is INR 15,000 based on data from StarAgile- one of the leading providers in India. This fee already covers the exam fee for taking the PSM I certification once, which costs USD 150. Furthermore, it also includes other benefits like role-playing activities, games, and simulations to aid with the learning experience along with lifetime membership access to Scrum.org’s resources, including mock tests and case studies, among others, inclusive bonuses comprising PDUs/SEUs available after completing the said training program.

The cost of the PSM exam may fluctuate based on the desired level of certification. There are three levels: PSM I, II, and III, with varying fees and minimum passing scores. The breakdown of each level’s respective examination fee is:

  • The PSM I certification cost is around USD 150, which is included in the course fee;
  • The PSM II certification cost is around USD 250, which is not included in the course fee;
  • The PSM III certification cost is around USD 500, which is not included in the course fee.

The examination fees include two complimentary attempts for each level if a candidate cannot pass the evaluation within fourteen days of receiving their password. Nonetheless, if an individual fails after attempting twice or beyond 14 days, they must pay for every subsequent try.

How to get PSM certified in India?

To obtain a PSM certification in India, the candidate must adhere to these procedures:

  • Enrol in a PSM training program from a trustworthy institution that provides flexible virtual and physical instruction options in numerous regions throughout India.
  • Participate in a PSM training program, which spans over two days and is conducted by a highly skilled PST with vast expertise and comprehension of Scrum methodologies and principles.
  • After finishing your training course, you’ll have 14 days to obtain a password from Scrum.org for taking the PSM assessment online.
  • Complete the PSM assessment online from any computer with internet access. The test for Scrum knowledge and skills is multiple-choice. Each level has a different duration and passing score requirement.
    • For PSM I certification: 60 minutes; 85% (68 out of 80 questions)
    • For PSM II certification: 90 minutes; 85% (68 out of 80 questions)
    • For PSM III certification: 120 minutes; 85% (68 out of 80 questions)
  • Once you finish the assessment, you’ll get your results instantly. If you pass the required score, Scrum.org will grant you a PSM certificate and badge, which can be downloaded from your account on their website.
  • If you don’t pass the assessment with the required score within two attempts or 14 days, a new exam fee will be charged if you wish to retake it.


PSM certification is valuable for professionals and organizations adopting Scrum and Agile methods. It improves salary potential, career opportunities, skills, knowledge, and customer satisfaction; it also boosts organizational productivity, quality of work output, and innovation efficiency while ensuring a competitive advantage.

Consider enrolling in a PSM training course from a reputable provider in India to become certified. Along with PSM, career advancement with PMP course could complement your certification and help you achieve professional goals. Some providers offer live online or on-site delivery modes across various locations, which may be convenient for you.

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