What is a Client Benefit of Partnering With Accenture?s Intelligent Platform Services?

what is a client benefit of partnering with accenture’s intelligent platform services (ips)?

IPS enables clients to improve efficiency, enhance compliance and boost productivity. It does so by providing them with intelligent automation capabilities, allowing them to automate their workflows, reduce manual effort and improve operational efficiencies that lead to higher profits.

What is a client benefit of partnering with Accenture?s intelligent platfor? Here we will discuss about : what is a client benefit of partnering with accenture’s intelligent platform services (ips)?

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Enhances Customer Experience

Accenture’s Intelligent Platform Services IPS provides clients with a range of benefits that can help them improve their business operations, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. This includes boosting unused capabilities and taking advantage of existing resources. It also helps to lower the rate of data breaches and cybercrimes.

The platform combines thought leadership, innovation and expertise from across the company to help clients simplify and accelerate technology-based transformation in their business. It uses a proprietary platform called myConcerto to deliver these capabilities. It is people-centric and expands the workforce’s potential with user-friendly tools. It combines the best of Accenture’s business process expertise, digital technologies and advanced analytics with a human-machine operating “engine” called SynOps to manage the full scope of client work.

Among the key features of the intelligent platform is the ability to deliver personalized and relevant messages at the right time. It also helps to optimize the customer journey by integrating multiple channels. It enables businesses to create and automate personalized experiences that will increase engagement and loyalty.

The intelligent platform also enables organizations to use AI to make more informed decisions and provide a better customer experience. It does this by analyzing current and historical data to predict future behavior and help identify areas for improvement. It can also be used to improve the efficiency of a business by automating repetitive tasks. This allows employees to focus on more complex and important tasks that will help them meet customer needs. It also helps to identify the most valuable and profitable customers.

Reduces Costs

For many business leaders, partnering with an intelligent platform is the most efficient way to unlock value and achieve strategic outcomes. This is because platforms centralise core functions and can support emerging business models to increase revenue, decrease costs, and enhance customer experience. However, most enterprises are unsure of how to use their platforms effectively or have difficulty implementing solutions.

Fortunately, Accenture has developed an innovative human-machine operating system called SynOps to help clients accelerate technology-led business transformation and enable Intelligent Operations. It provides an optimal synergy of data, applied intelligence and digital technologies to drive exceptional industry and functional talent and transform businesses. It also reduces the time and cost of delivering work.

For example, an Accenture client uses salesforce as its customer relationship management (crm) solution and would like to implement an artificial intelligence (al) application to forecast future customer behavior or gauge the efficacy of a marketing campaign. Which approach best takes advantage of salesforce?

Integrating the al application directly into salesforce. Running the al application on a separate server and uploading results daily to salesforce. Contracting with the al application’s developer to build a standalone solution. With which of these enterprise platform business companies does Accenture hold a partnership?

Enhances Compliance

IPS enables clients to operate with confidence that their operations and data are secure and compliant with industry standards. This can help clients to reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

To achieve this, the platform combines design thinking with intelligent tools that analyze current systems, processes and data against leading practices. It also allows users to rapidly create a business case, roadmap and solution prototype. Moreover, the platform helps to accelerate the transformation process by providing a set of preconfigured industry and business function solutions.

For example, let’s say a client wants to use an al application to predict future customer behavior. Accenture’s intelligent platform can provide multiple options for doing this, such as integrating the al application directly into salesforce or running it on a separate server.

Both approaches offer advantages, but the former approach offers the added benefit of being able to leverage salesforce’s capabilities. This can be especially helpful when working with highly sensitive and confidential data. It can also lower the rate of data breaches and cybercrimes. Additionally, it can improve the quality of service by reducing response times.

Boosts Productivity

With an intelligent platform, you can implement a number of technologies that boost internal operations productivity, quality, and performance. For example, an intelligent platform can incorporate artificial intelligence (al) applications that help predict future customer behavior. This helps you improve customer engagement and increase revenue.

Additionally, intelligent platforms can help you streamline and automate business processes. This helps you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and speed up your transformation.

For instance, an intelligent platform can integrate a procure-to-pay solution with sourcing, purchasing, and payment applications to digitalize and optimize spend management. It can also deliver insights across spend categories to support better decision-making. Read more about : what is a client benefit of partnering with accenture’s intelligent platform services (ips)?

An intelligent platform can also leverage analytics to identify new opportunities for automation. This process is called work orchestration. In addition, an intelligent platform can integrate with your existing technology infrastructure to make the best use of available resources.

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