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Gaming is a very broad field, and there are many ways to approach it as a writer. From covering fun conventions to interviewing unique personalities and studios, there’s a lot of room for creativity and writing skill. In addition, gaming publications often pay well. In fact, some of them pay up to $300 per article. In this article, we will discuss about write for us + gaming.

Modern Rogue

Released in 1980, Rogue was the first computer game to use a procedural generation system and permanent death as its main mechanics. These features would become the basis of a new genre of games, known as roguelikes, which remain popular to this day. While many roguelikes feature modern graphics and complex systems, they still retain the core elements of the original Rogue. Some even incorporate Rogue’s gameplay into their own design.

Modern Rogue is a YouTube series created by magician Brian Brushwood and writer Jason Murphy. The show is a spiritual successor to their short-lived NatGeo series Hacking the System, and it focuses on teaching viewers the ways of the gentleman, warrior, and scoundrel. This is achieved through a variety of activities, including trying homemade weapons and gadgets, eating 25-year-old military rations, and discussing technology and scams.

The show also teaches its audience about the history of the rogue class, as well as how to play rogue in Magic: the Gathering. The show has recently seen a surge in popularity and is one of the most watched channels on the platform. It has more than 1 million subscribers and has over 3 billion views on its videos. Its growth has been meteoric, and it is continuing to rise as a result of its unique content.

Unlike some other YouTube shows, Modern Rogue puts a lot of effort into its production. This is evident in the high quality of the video and the excellent writing. In addition, the show has a home base website that produces editorial content.

The site is used by the channel’s followers to find new videos and keep up with the latest news. It also allows users to subscribe to their favorite creators and receive notifications when they upload a new video. In addition, the site offers a number of features that make it easy to organize and manage video content.

This week on Modern Rogue we look at a deck that uses the rogue mechanic to great effect in the current format! The deck features a few of the best cards in the format for the rogue archetype, and it also has some good black interaction in Thoughtseize and Fatal Push.


Polygon is Vox Media’s next-generation entertainment network, illuminating the world of video games and culture through the perspective of those who play them. It is the leading source for smart, critical, and entertaining content surrounding gaming’s cultural impact. Its voice can be heard on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and your favorite gaming communities.

Polygon has been around since 2012, but it only began publishing in October 2012. Its original incarnation was a mom-and-pop game magazine, and it only lasted nine issues before folding due to lack of advertising. It has since grown into a larger online presence, with long-form magazine-style articles and a heavy investment in video content. It is also the parent company of several gaming websites, including SB Nation and Vox’s dedicated gaming sites for specific video games.

The first thing to understand about polygons is their number of sides. A regular polygon has exactly four sides, while an irregular one has more than four. There are also many different types of polygons, each with a specific name based on the number of sides. A five-sided shape is a pentagon, six-sided shapes are hexagons, seven-sided shapes are heptagons, and eight-sided shapes are octagons.

A polygon can be created on a flat plane or on a 3D model. A 3D model can be used to create animations, which is what makes the gameplay in a polygon video game more interesting than a 2D version. The animations are made by moving the model’s vertices, or corners, in a particular way to make the movement look realistic. The model is then saved as a bitmap image and then animated by using an image-editing program.

This is a great tool for learning the properties of polygons in school. It teaches kids about different shapes and their vertices, how they are drawn, and what types of shapes have the most sides. It also helps them learn about how a triangle is similar to an oval and a circle.

Polygon (formerly Matic Network) was created to solve the scalability problems of the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike traditional blockchains, Ethereum is not designed to handle millions of transactions per second. The Polygon blockchain is a Layer 2 solution that runs on top of the Ethereum network. It uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which rewards token holders for maintaining the network and paying transaction fees. It has also developed a platform for building decentralized applications, called the Matic Sidechain.


Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network that provides daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics. It has ten blogs, four written in English and six international editions with their own editorial staffs. The English-language blog, founded in October 2004, is known for its obsessive focus on consumer technology and has been nominated for numerous awards, including the 2004 Bloggie Award for Best Individual Technology Weblog and 2005 Bloggies for Best Group Technology Weblog.

In addition to their online content, Engadget also produces a weekly podcast. The first 22 episodes of the podcast were hosted by Phillip Torrone and Len Pryor, until they left to pursue their own projects. The podcast has since been hosted by Eric Rice, Ryan Block and Peter Rojas. The podcast is available in MP3, Ogg, AAC and m4b formats. It is also compatible with iTunes and other podcast players.

The company’s employees are passionate about the products they review and write about. They also produce entertaining videos about the latest tech gadgets and games. They strive to make their site as user-friendly as possible, while still maintaining a high level of quality and accuracy.

Many of the company’s employees are familiar with the technology they cover, and they work closely with companies to obtain press passes for events. They also attend industry conferences and trade shows, and their writers travel the world to experience the latest gadgets.

As a result, the company has a reputation for providing accurate and timely information about new products. Its website is updated several times a day, and it also features comments from readers. Engadget is one of the most popular websites in the world, and it has won numerous awards and recognitions.

The company is based in New York City, and it is a member of the Society for Professional Journalists. Its website is available in multiple languages, and its readers include journalists, engineers and other professionals from a variety of fields. In the past, the company has been involved in a number of lawsuits. However, the company has not disclosed any details of these lawsuits on its website.

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